...we are able to give so much back to our local community! We're nearing the end of the 2nd quarter and I thought it would be nice to share where some of the money we earn ends up. Nearly $2500 has been sent to:

Local Schools: 

  • G-E-T Middle School
  • G-E-T Education Foundation
  • Trempealeau Elementary PTO
  • Saints Peter & Paul in Independence
  • Holy Family Catholic School in Arcadia

Local Fire Departments:

  • Ettrick FD
  • Galesville FD
  • Trempealeau FD

Local Organizations:

  • G-E-T trap team
  • Trempealeau County Human Services
  • G-E-T post prom
  • Girl Scouts
  • Miss Galesville sponsorship
  • Garden of Eden Preservation Society
  • Trempealeau County Humane Society
  • G-E-T FFA
  • Western Dairyland RSVP

Thanks to YOU for shopping local, your dollars continue to bless so many in the community. Pat yourselves on the back -- you're awesome!