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Coulee Boutique About Me


Coulee Boutique started on a whim.  I was feeling restless and looking for a challenge - you'd think three kids would keep me busy enough!  Though the idea was new and a bit crazy, my supportive family has backed me every step of the way.  I am a teacher by trade, and my intrinsic need to help others is satisfied tenfold through this business.  I sincerely appreciate each and every customer that Coulee Boutique has blessed me with.  



From a teacher with a restless heart to a full-fledged business owner...here we are! Since opening Coulee Boutique, we have grown leaps and bounds. I left my teaching career of 13 years to pursue this business full time. We've added a brick and mortar, live sales, and a big move to the list of changes since opening in June of 2018. 


Owner, Anna Ledebuhr, and her family in 2024


Another three years gone just like that! The “big move” that I eluded to in 2021 feels tiny compared to the move to our current location in 2022. We now serve our customers in an almost 3,000 square foot, 140-year old storefront. Live sales remain a constant of the CB landscape and our team continues to grow and evolve. One thing that remains the same is our belief that we are so much more than a boutique.

Wherever you're meeting us at on this journey, thank you for being here.