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    Coulee Boutique About Me


    Coulee Boutique started on a whim.  I was feeling restless and looking for a challenge - you'd think three kids would keep me busy enough!  Though the idea was new and a bit crazy, my supportive family has backed me every step of the way.  I am a teacher by trade, and my intrinsic need to help others is satisfied tenfold through this business.  I sincerely appreciate each and every customer that Coulee Boutique has blessed me with.  



    From a teacher with a restless heart to a full-fledgling business owner...here we are! Since opening Coulee Boutique, we have grown leaps and bounds. I left my teaching career of 13 years to pursue this business full time. We've added a brick and mortar, live sales, and a big move to the list of changes since opening in June of 2018. 

    Wherever you're meeting us at on this journey, thank you for being here.