It's Been A Lot

It's hard to believe two whole years have flown by since my last blog post. 

The last two years have been a lot.

A lot of challenges.
A lot of new customers.
A lot of new staff.
A lot of masks.
A lot of photoshoots.
A lot of events.
A lot of giving.
A lot of family time.
A lot of community support.
A lot of learning.
A lot of growing.
A lot.

I hope you're in a good place -- a lot of anything can be overwhelming, and what we've faced is pretty unbelievable if you take time to look back on it. I took some time to go through what I call my "photographic journal" aka Facebook. Here are some of Coulee Boutique's highlights over the past two years.

Like it or not, masks have been a big part of 2020 onward. This was my way to remind customers early in the pandemic that masks were required inside CB.

Local business owners supporting one another.

Shown from top left (me), Meg from Unwine'd Wine Bar, Dr. Callie from The Hive Chiropractic, middle row: Author Amanda Zieba, Jackie from Jackie's Sola Boutique, Amy of Upcycling by Amy, bottom row: Leslie with Bella Botanicals, our very own Lindsay owner of Asch & Pine, and Lori from Paws in the Paint!

Local business owners come together

In March of 2020 we started incorporating live sales into our routine. Nearly two years later and we've grown to doing them three times a week and offer a free app! This is "the stage" on which we perform. HA!

We continued group photoshoots for a while opting for local, outdoor locations. This particular photo is from our Mother's Day shoot in 2021 at Ecker's Apple Farm.

I rented an apartment with Kelly from Create Happy in January of 2021. This allowed me to get CB out of my house! I've had storage, an office, and live sale/photo setup here which has been just perfect.

Anna in the front of a mirror taking a selfie

Many events were hosted in the Brickstone during 2020 and 2021. The photo below is of our lovely Galentine's Day vendors in February 2021. Despite nearly below zero temperatures, the event was a wild success!

We've gone through so. much. inventory! The boxes below show a shipment of shoes that arrived at the store one day.

Boxes piled high in Coulee's front entry

October 2021 goes on record for the most gorgeous weather for an Apple Affair in recent history! It was a glorious day in Galesville.

Anna, Jenna, and Naomi taking a picture at the Apple Affair photo spot

We added Naomi and Ellie to the team! I was sure Naomi would just work through her internship and be done but here she is -- over a year and a half later! Ellie joined just recently in January of 2022.


And that gets me all caught up! Hard to believe how much life happened in the last two years. If you've got some time, scroll through your own Facebook photos or your phone. See how much has changed, and how much is just as it should be.

I'll be writing soon,